Why do people choose to get involved in an organization? What motivates them to volunteer their time, money or talent to become active and participate in their own way?
The answer to that question has several variables.

The choice to get involved may be as simple as a desire to fulfill basic needs. The organization that they choose to contribute to may provide them with a service or a certain good that they may not be able to get through other venues. A cooperative business for instance may provide more flexibility; offer personalized customer service or it may simply offer a service not found elsewhere. Membership with a cooperative business has certain rewards and benefits not generally found in your local establishment nor chain store. Those rewards and benefits along with the sense of belonging and friendship are often incentives that draw people towards your organization.

Friendship is a great unifier. Friendship brings more people into your organization through daily interactions and business associations. Common goals amongst a large enough group of people can produce greater results. This is a part of human nature which creates a sense of society. This factor alone can be a great motivator for volunteering time, resources and a sharing of talents. When a group of people determine a vision: a shared sense of what they would prefer to have happen: then their determination to achieve their goals escalates through involvement. One person, standing alone can be defeated simply by being overwhelmed by a challenging situation whereas a group will persevere helping each other over difficult times.

The strongest level of commitment comes from those who are motivated by their passion and belief. When people believe in the cause of the organization: agree on desired results; and the specific means of achieving these results: they are highly motivated and not easily dismayed. This determination is augmented by increased numbers with a strong sense of commitment. Reaching a level of agreement through cooperation will exponentially increase the organizations likelihood of success.

It is safe to say that many volunteers initially join for the first reason, that of interest and fulfilling a basic need. The satisfactions found through interaction and a sense of belonging help to bind participants. Shared success instills passion and resolve in members who otherwise stood on the sidelines. Involvement In a successful enterprise through cooperation can be a fascinating experience adding meaning and purpose to an otherwise meaningless life. We would like to invite you to add your name to our list of potential volunteers by clicking here.

We Make a Living by What We Get
We Make a Life by What We Give
Winston Churchill

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