A Gathering of Individuals

The history of civilization will show the natural instinct and need of humans to gather together to suit their needs. Civilization is not stagnant, things change, mankind develops and utilizes its experience toalter how we manage our affairs. From tribes roaming and migrating across the countryside following their food sources; to the farming communities; to the urbanites who provide industrial products, mankind has developed and changed the face of the land. The constant through the whole process remains to be the individual. Collectivism would have us believe that needs are created by the group, the collective. Nothing could be further from the truth. Needs are determined by the individual. Solutions to problems that arise are solved by the individual human ingenuity.
When individuals gather together to combine their assets, their ideas and then stipulate their human needs we call this community. Like minded individuals that share space and environmental aspects of their life create a society. This society they develop will be a reflection of their beliefs, their hopes, aspirations and a common standard of behavior. Civilization in general will be composed of multiple societies broken down to communities with the individual present at the core of it all.

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