A Membership with Concerned Citizens Cooperative

Membership is ownership. Owners control the function of the organization. As a nonprofit cooperative structure there are no CEO’s nor invested shareholders looking for a dollar return on their investments. Instead there are stakeholders that contribute time and resources because they believe in the capabilities of the organization to produce desired results.
Annual membership allows a person the right to vote on the corporation bylaws and selection of the board of directors. Many policy decisions outside the scope of the bylaws will be discussed with member involvement. Newsletters and pertinent updates will be supplied to all voting members. Comments and feedback will be encouraged.
As a cooperative, with paying members, the revenue received from the annual dues creates fiscal stability for all administrative functions.

Membership will be structured according to our Constitutional Creed so as to guarantee, as best as possible, equal regional representation.
New membership applications for voting rights may be subject to available openings depending on regional representation.

Honorary memberships are available at all times with no restrictions. Honorary members will not have voting rights but will be kept up to date on organizational actions.

Our bylaws require a quorum of votes before any action which requires membership approval can be passed. For this reason CCC will require a certain level of participation from its voting members.