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Our Challenge

The political divide is widening but the goals of both sides are based on increasing government control.

New territory based on common sense must be staked out on a platform of self sufficiency, independent of government programs, economic free enterprise ventures developed by the people, for the people.

It will be by the implementation of our mission statement that we will forge a course by which to proceed, staking out tenable positions, able to function and unite those who hold their liberty to be dear.

We are registered nonprofit corporation in the state of Arizona as of March 13, 2019 headquartered in Avra Valley near Tucson AZ.

Our Basic Co-operative Principle

When humans abide by a moral order; exercising responsibility for their person while respecting the presence of others; then proceed to extend a helping hand through voluntary commitment to those less fortunate, the need for authoritarian force and involvement will lessen.

Our Hope and Aspirations

CCC is an organization built from the bottom up. We are a group of citizens with concerns of how our culture and political field is dividing our society to the point of dysfunction. Our hope is to bring people of all race, ideology and political preference together to discuss and implement actions which will result in a more cooperative society.

Our Mission Statement, as written, describes our stated goals. Our constitutionally styled Creed states just how we will be structured in order to see these goals come to fruition. Member representation will be regarded as a critical component in all decision making. Our logo, the wagon wheel, helps us to envision just how a national hub serves as a focal point for all the radiating spokes.

Networking will be a valuable key to gain strength through numbers and the exchange of ideas. Each spoke created in the form of a local business cooperative will lend its expertise of success or lessons from failure. Our hub will then be able to provide informed advise and possible financial assistance to future proposals originating locally.

Our goals are vast and our hopes unlimited.
We keep in mind of the words in the book of Psalm 127: 1: ” Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.”

Should you feel as we do we welcome you to contact us.