#Talking Trash@Make America Green Again the Right way

There is nothing nice about trash. Most of the trash that is found along the roadways are containers that once had drink or food. Wrappers, napkins, cans, cups, bottles straws all those lovely packaging items are found in excess. It is stuff people don’t want to have near them so out the window it goes. Blown in the wind, tangled in tree limbs, down the embankments and spread along our lovely roadsides. Beautiful consumer packaging in full view for anyone that bothers to look out their car window.
Then there are those unwanted household items; chairs, sofas, broken appliances and even toilets; that quickly get discarded, most likely in the cover of darkness.
Along with all the imaginable items above; are the vehicle parts; such as fenders, grills, brake shoes, exhaust pipes and numerous tires. How many people would bother to haul off their damaged tire if they had a roadside flat? How many trucks are still using retreaded tires which shed their skin so frequently?

The cost incurred by our government bodies; who for some reason have been delegated to clean up behind us; is horrendous. One figure that is thrown around; as much as the trash; is 11 billion dollars. That figure,if true, is absolutely unacceptable. We as a nation should be ashamed of ourselves. I use the pronoun “we” because if not “we” than just who? Even if it is not you in particular that throws stuff out, do you pick up after others that do? Do you point out to your fellow man the ridiculousness of actions of this sort? The responsibility as a nation is OURS.

Politics have no place here. This is not a problem that we need to run to government to have solved. High taxes? More regulation and enforcement? What if “we” all learned to pickup behind ourselves and express our discontent to those that don’t. If you don’t happen to be one of those that litter intentionally, just be sure you never add to the problem with such acts as driving a pickup with an open bed that has loose objects in it. Talk to your family, friends or neighbors about this. Are you one of those that feel that plastic in the ocean is an imaginary problem dreamed up by environmental radicals?
Much, if not all, of our litter problem is attitude. Do not litter campaigns have been going on for years with very little results. Perhaps that is really because people just do not care. Yes, there may be bigger problem to focus our concerns on, yet if attitude: the lack of caring: is at the root of the problem, then it stands to reason that the first step towards solutions for the bigger problems is to address attitude. #LearntoCare

Pima County AZ -Avra Valley Coop

We in Avra Valley are looking for support in our attempts to clean up the roadways in our community. To begin, we have teamed up with Concerned Citizens Cooperative by taking a permit to clean up a two mile stretch of road. A permit was granted to clean up El Tiro roadway back on March 6th of 2019. We picked up 500lbs of refuse from the roadside which we delivered to the county landfill in a trash trailer, at our own costs. Two signs with Concerned Citizens Cooperative written on them should soon be put on both ends of El Tiro roadway.
another Permit for Clayton Road has been processed and our first cleanup is underway.

We are looking to take on many more miles of roadway. We are planning on involving many more volunteers as there is a definite local interest in making our rural county roads free of excessive debris. If you live in this area contact us via email for any updates and future projects at info@concernedcitizenscooperative.com
Can you help us? Our expenses are not high but to receive any financial support will be a real morale booster for the volunteers. Besides just picking litter up behind those who continue to litter, we plan on beginning anti-litter campaigns. Community trash cans for pedestrians is another idea being discussed. All is possible with enough support.
Any donation, no matter it’s size will be greatly appreciated. Just be sure to add our zip code of 85653 on the donation form. By doing so you will be helping us in Avra Valley and also supporting CCC in their effort to bind new spokes to their Hub. Check out our donate page.

Membership Implications

At CCC we hold our members in high esteem. Involved and dedicated members are the driving and steering force of the organization. Members are stakeholders of this nonprofit cooperative and as such have everything to do with the range of success we will achieve. Thank you for considering a membership in our organization.

With a membership with CCC there are both rights and responsibilities. A clear understanding of both will go a long way towards a rewarding relationship between all involved. To obtain this understanding it will be helpful if a prospective member is aligned with our Mission statement; agrees with all four portions of our basic principle and understands the intent of our constitutional creed. This will further member understanding as towards the nature of representation that we strive for. Having involved members that are in sync with our founding documents will go a long way in assuring we have a successful cooperative entity.

All members in good standing will be expected to vote on proposals as they are presented to the board of directors. The final judgement on financial matters will be up to the board yet the board will be greatly influenced by the members. All regions will have a member on the board to represent their interests. A board member that makes a determination contrary to their regional members will be required to explain his decision. If members of a particular region feel their interests are not being properly represented, they will be offered the opportunity each year to nominate a new board member to represent them.

According to our bylaws a quorum of votes is necessary for an issue involving major expenditures to be passed or rejected. For this reason, voter involvement is essential. All issues that do not receive a quorum of voter participation will be nullified as though the vote did not matter. In that case a yea or nay will be left solely for the board member representing that region to decide. This same policy will apply to the selection and retention of all board members.

In order to achieve equal regional representation our membership may have limitations depending on certain regions. If necessary, the board of directors may at their discretion alter geographical boundaries from time to time. The intent of the constitutional creed will take precedent over all these determinations.

All voting rights of members come with the responsibility to stay active.

As a functioning cooperative body our members must keep in mind the benefit of working as one unit sharing the same affiliation towards reaching desired results. Members are not asked to compromise any of their values in a conflict yet are expected to strive for cooperation. All members might not share the same goals, but we do share the same desire to move our Mission statement forward. Our constitutional creed will aid us towards this result.

Our bylaws clearly state that any member may be removed and lose their right of participation. Inactive voting history over a three-year period, causing a lack of a quorum, will be grounds for removal of a member. Excessive confrontation and a disregard for our basic principle will also subject a member from disqualification from voting rights.

All members are representatives of the whole and should keep in mind that the success of the organization is dependent on respectable behavior[Title]

Power Lurks Behind Power

stevepb / PixabayAny consolidation of power will create the need for the rising of another opposing power structure. Whether the power that is happens to be applied politically or militarily, there will be another power  lurking in the background which will eventually arise to contest the power structure in place. History is filled with examples of this. Nations that manage to gain control exist for a period but eventually falter and are challenged by another arising nation that will challenge that power structure. These power struggles seem to be the written history of mankind on this planet earth.


     The United States is not going to end up being the exemption to the rule. Sadly, the power of the United States has begun to weaken by corruption within. This weakening within will extend globally and any influence our economic and military power had over world events will be challenged  by another world power force. Likely history will look back and write of  the good old days when the power was in the hands of a liberty minded power rather than that of a tyrant or communistic regime. Time will tell.

That is not to say we are quite at that point just yet. Should the power of freedom and liberty for all, fail from within, is yet to be determined. The point of no return is nearing but perhaps with a societal revival, good intentions will prevail and buy us a few more generations of liberty as we came to know it.

Complaints and frustrations of overreaching federal control are legitimate in this constitutional republic. Attempts are currently underway in the minds of informed liberty minded citizenry regarding ways to limit federal powers. The devil though could be in the details. An attempt to limit federal power with more statewide power in itself may be our undoing if and when global considerations are factored into the equation. Should a power struggle ensue between state and federal agencies much political time and effort will be spent squabbling over legal cases. Freedom and individual liberty will become bargaining chips as a means to gain the public support.

 Federalism is a precept on which America was founded. The balance of power with the real driving force of power being in the hands of the people. It would not be any stretch of the imagination to say that with a combination of complacency and an inattentiveness, the American populist has allowed the balance of power to become lopsided in favor of federal government powers to exceed their constitutional intent.

The obvious temptation to attempt to control that power is by creating federalist states that will flex their 10th Amendment muscles and begin a conflict of power against power. This will likely end up by bringing conflict to the people involved. The people will unite behind their state and then power will not be united but rather divided. That is not to say that all states will independently flex their muscles but more than likely, states will unite with states and divisions within the Union will materialize. The consequences of this are anybody’s guess but the end result will be a weaker nation as a whole, not a balance of power as determined by the imaginations and intent of this countries founders.

An altogether unlikely, yet more proper and efficient course of action to take, would be for the people to unite behind a moralistic approach and cease to demand from the governmental powers the basics of life. Should the populace cease their demands from the government, services and also personal freedom and protection of their freedoms, the need for the power of government to govern would cease to exist internally. A state with more power is still power. The fact that the power is localized is no assurance that it will not be abused. Remove the need of governmental control and services when and wherever possible and power will eventually return to the people where it actually originated years ago.

 The need for governmental power to exist globally will still be present as it is unfathomable that the world will cease from power struggles. Recognizing this reality of the world we live in should cause us concern. We should not weaken the federal powers to a point where they can not maintain their strength globally. A peaceful moralistic removal of need for governmental interference in our lives will not negatively affect the strength of our national influence to protect our nation from foreign aggression.

A united populace with the intention of asking less from their federal overseers will eliminate much of the power they hold over us. If no one is waiting for a government check to come in the mail and lobbyist have nothing to lobby for, then slowly the power hold that the federal government exercises will lose its impact. Self-governing is only possible though if the individual is willing to assume personal responsibility for his/her actions.  Self-governing will only succeed if the people are also united behind a moralistic approach. Self-governing amongst a mass of individuals will surely fail if the self is elevated above the other. All races, all sexes, all religions must unite behind the need for a common cause. We will need to cooperate and learn to work with each other. This is not a form of communism as controlled by government but rather a true force of liberty in action to be reckoned with. Again, only by assuming personal responsibility for each and every action will the masses not need an unlimited power of government to govern each and every action. Our free enterprise system can solve most all problems on its own if it also can govern its behavior.

There will certainly be a need for a rule of law and organizations such as government at each level of our society.  A balance of these powers will be balanced both by the lack of need of government and by the power everyone possesses according to his/her capability and call to duty. Three levels of federal government as our constitution intended at the federal level and three levels of local government at the state level with one branch of power in each body clearly represented by the people. Eliminate the need for power allocation by assuming responsibility for your own actions and our different levels of government can concentrate at doing its specified job at hand.

We now, have a federal power wasting its time governing over issues that could quite well be handled by an involved moralistic sharing and compassionate society. The reason America has ended up with such an intrusive powerful government is because the citizenry has allowed itself to be convinced that we the people can not handle our own affairs nor provide for ourselves and others. You could say America has lost its morality. If we wish to remove the yoke of government; remove the need. Help those who have fallen down, onto their feet,  by joining with community charitable efforts. When we let government do our job we are giving government the power vested in ourselves. The task of preserving our God given natural rights is our duty to protect and preserve. Do not rely on elected officials or judges to assume that duty. If we do, again we are giving them a portion of our power.

While we focus on our community needs: aiding those who need assistance;  we also can get involved and use our power vested in our vote to  elect  representatives that reflect our moralistic views. One branch of government belongs to “we the people” who are the driving force and strength of a nation and control the purse. Our Constitutional Republic needs us to save it from itself.




Why do people choose to get involved in an organization? What motivates them to volunteer their time, money or talent to become active and participate in their own way?
The answer to that question has several variables.

The choice to get involved may be as simple as a desire to fulfill basic needs. The organization that they choose to contribute to may provide them with a service or a certain good that they may not be able to get through other venues. A cooperative business for instance may provide more flexibility; offer personalized customer service or it may simply offer a service not found elsewhere. Membership with a cooperative business has certain rewards and benefits not generally found in your local establishment nor chain store. Those rewards and benefits along with the sense of belonging and friendship are often incentives that draw people towards your organization.

Friendship is a great unifier. Friendship brings more people into your organization through daily interactions and business associations. Common goals amongst a large enough group of people can produce greater results. This is a part of human nature which creates a sense of society. This factor alone can be a great motivator for volunteering time, resources and a sharing of talents. When a group of people determine a vision: a shared sense of what they would prefer to have happen: then their determination to achieve their goals escalates through involvement. One person, standing alone can be defeated simply by being overwhelmed by a challenging situation whereas a group will persevere helping each other over difficult times.

The strongest level of commitment comes from those who are motivated by their passion and belief. When people believe in the cause of the organization: agree on desired results; and the specific means of achieving these results: they are highly motivated and not easily dismayed. This determination is augmented by increased numbers with a strong sense of commitment. Reaching a level of agreement through cooperation will exponentially increase the organizations likelihood of success.

It is safe to say that many volunteers initially join for the first reason, that of interest and fulfilling a basic need. The satisfactions found through interaction and a sense of belonging help to bind participants. Shared success instills passion and resolve in members who otherwise stood on the sidelines. Involvement In a successful enterprise through cooperation can be a fascinating experience adding meaning and purpose to an otherwise meaningless life.

We Make a Living by What We Get
We Make a Life by What We Give
Winston Churchill

Regaining Liberty while Sacrificing Freedom

Photo by shy sol on Pexels.com

The fine line between freedom and liberty is written in sand; subject to the changing winds. As with most everything freedom is relative to one’s situation. Even a person subject to a state of slavery has freedoms to some extent. Many of us now can say we are “slaves” to our jobs, a self imposed slavery tied to our desire for personal gain. The phrase “freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose” {that Janis Joplin sang in “Me and Bobby McGee”, written by Kris Kristofferson} is as he once said; “a two edged sword and that you may be free, but it can be painful to be that free.”
Understanding the difference between Liberty and Freedom will determine the sharpness of this two edged sword. Liberty is an ideological state in which freedom of action is protected. Our founders in their wisdom realized that a government functioning without checks and balances would incorporate actions that would impose on basic liberties and result in the diminishing of freedom.
A quick study of recent American history would show how our incremental movement away from the original intent written in the constitution has resulted in excessive taxation and regulation imposed by our ever over-reaching governments at all levels.
It would not be far fetched to say that we, the citizens of the free-est country, have become enslaved by our own desire to be governed. Our slave masters are now handing out carrots to those who would support them electorally, while the red meat eaters are slaves subject to restrictions and high taxation unable to exercise freedom unless they are willing to have nothing else to lose.

Liberty lies within the dictates of our constitution; that of a governing body, subject to the people: limited in powers by proper checks and balances. The republic form of government envisioned by the founders is gradually being replaced by the democratic form in which the majority rule at the expense of the minority. Those who understand this change that is transpiring are now the minority, few and far between across this broad vast land.

It is well past time that this “minority” must accept the fact that it is going to take a personal sacrifice of time, energy and resources to restore liberty. Change must come step by painful step. It will be by the small steps of kindness, compassion and out-reach to those that need to understand that the freedom they seek is the same as a slave with nothing left to lose. True freedom is expressed by living a life of liberty in which the individual is the recipient of the rewards of his/her labor. The mechanism is there, the process simple, all that is lacking is the implementation. Replacing just one small basic need at a time can cause an eventual landslide.

Find out more by joining this liberty movement on Facebook at Conservative Cooperative Challenge.

Why we mention conservative principles.

When you research cooperatives you will soon get the impression that you are in liberal territory. The few references regarding the search for conservative cooperatives will take you to the UK or Austrailia. If there is a conservative cooperative movement in the US please refer them to this site.

The label conservative has been evolving lately into territory that is not really enforced by any past conservative thinkers who put the conservative principles into words. One of my personal favorites is Russel Kirk who made a lasting impression on the conservative movement.
I will address three of his principles that relate to the conservative movement as it applies to the cooperative model and limited government.
I suggest everyone to read all ten principles at https;//kirkcenter.org

A cooperative enterprise is owned by its members who are all stakeholders with a vested interest in the success of the venture. The basic need for this sense of ownership is described in Kirks seventh principle, “Conservatives are persuaded that freedom and property are closely linked.”
Add to that his fourth principle, ” conservatives are guided by their principle of Prudence.” where he states , ” any public measure ought to be judged by its probable long-run consequences, not merely by temporary advantage or popularity.” and we have a basis for a long term solution to many of the excessive government programs that attempt to solve community shortages by short term fixes with long term dependence.
Properly established cooperatives will combine the pride of ownership with long term stability needed for a community to establish a network of involvement among its members for common future goals.

Kirks eighth principle which reads, “conservatives uphold voluntary community, quite as they oppose involuntary collectivism.” This is an explanation that goes to the root of the problem with our current welfare system. Involuntary commitment through taxation and redistribution via government programs goes contrary to a true conservatives being. Generosity and compassion to help is an attribute of us all, be you liberal or conservative. Yet a conservative does not believe it is the function of government to tax and redistribute involuntarily.

The cooperative model in many instances will flourish with a voluntary support system to kick start business ventures. Volunteers working on projects of aid are a core of many organizations in this country. We are blessed with a flourishing country capable of helping those in need of assistance. We all are ready to offer a helping hand. The distinction between continued dependency of government programs: involuntary collectivism; versus eventual independence through cooperative endeavors based on voluntary commitment is as clear as day and night to the conservative mind.

The long-term goal with the sense of accomplishment and freedom are rewards well worth striving for.

The Journey Begins.

The pioneers journey into the unknown wild west had a starting point on the eastern shores of the Mississippi River.  Had they not made the first wheel turn their wagons and oxen would still be bedded down on that eastern river bank. Their journey was filled with challenges. Their route not  blazed. They only had each other: backed by their determination, confidence and faith in providence.

Human nature does not change. What we perceive as normal changes. We then adjust to our evolving society but our basic characteristics remain. We search for a better way: we search for solutions to the very same problems we caused. Over time we have created a beast that consistently grows and requires more of our labor.  We call it government. The task of bringing this creation, of our own making, under control is upon us. While there will be many forks in the trails ahead of us we will need to get the wheels a turning to get to them. This challenging journey is upon us.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton