Litter/Labor/Aid donations

Concerned Citizens Cooperative has begun a roadside litter cleanup program in Pima County Arizona.  With the help of local volunteers over the course of a year we have delivered over 4400 lbs. of trash to the landfill where it belongs. We have also addressed the need to react to the problem of “wildcat dumping” where the illegal practice of dumping household waste in the isolated portions of the desert unfortunately happens.

In an effort to help people in need we have begun a program in which we will give paychecks to eligible persons  that are temporarily down on their luck.  Some of these people you will encounter standing on the street corners asking for your help. If you have met one of these people and they have given you their flyer and you are of the mind to help them out then you can follow the link on our donate tab. We will apply the funds that you give to the person that is mentioned on the flyer. That person has agreed to help us clean up litter along roadways that we have adopted. He/she will be paid a decent wage for their efforts. We see this as a win/win situation. Pima county roadways get cleaned up, the needy person makes some much needed cash and the donor has the satisfaction of being a big help to the community.

Concerned Citizens Cooperative is a registered legal non profit with 501 {c} {4} status with the IRS. We have been awarded an annual 25 ton free dumping in kind donation from Waste Management of Arizona. That is a lot of roadside trash! We are going to need more volunteers or more laborers. Help us achieve that goal!

We are not your traditional charity. We do not function with the mind set that we can only help others by giving things for free. It is not always about a hand out but rather a hand up. Any donation that is given us will be directed to the area of interest of the donor. Accountability of funds is guaranteed in our yearly reports. Donations are NOT tax deductible. We believe giving should be done so out of the heart not due to cash advantages.

If you want to be able to help the person in need that you encountered on the street follow this link.  Be certain to put his/her name on the notation section of the donation form. Those funds will go to that person as wages owed.
If you would like to help us out generally and support our concept, go to our membership link and join us in our efforts

Wild Cat Dumping

Illegal dumping, also known as “wildcat dumping” is disposal of waste at any location that is not an approved site. At times it is a mere two or three bags of household trash but in other instances it can be trailer loads of every imaginable discarded item; old furniture, appliances, scrap metal, tires, household trash, clothing and plastic galore. Since the activity is illegal these actions are most often done at remote locations off the beaten track. What motivates a person ton load up a truck or trailer and go out into the desert landscape to discard their refuse?

Concerned Citizens Cooperative has begun roadside programs to deal with roadside litter in the northwest portion of Avra Valley. Several volunteers have stepped up to help with the roadsides we currently have adopted through the Pima county Adopt-a Roadway program. We do occasionally come across items that are more than just litter. Bags of trash, mattresses, old chairs and tires have been found and cleaned up when we do a cleanup. Why do people just throw their trash along the roadside?

The only logical answer to the above two questions must be money. Since the landfill is not far away, closer in some instances than a trip off road into the desert, it must be just the dump fee that people are trying to avoid. To address this likelihood, Concerned Citizens Cooperative will be setting up an account with Waste Management. The idea is to enlist a couple community contacts, that people with trash but sincerely strapped for cash, could contact to get a prepaid dump waiver number. If they then present the waiver number to the landfill then CCC will accept the bill for the dump fee.

Seeing as how this will be a new program in our community we can develop ways to make it work as we get going. We just might be able to expand and offer services to folks who have refuse piling up in their yard as they have no way to haul to the dump.

Concerned Citizens Cooperative is a registered non profit 501 c 4. We accept donations and offer memberships to help finance programs such as being proposed. We have enough cash on hand to begin to implement this program. If we find there is a legitimate need to fill and we see a decline in wild cat dumping as well, then we will have justified any expenses needed. We are always looking for more volunteers and more roadways to adopt. Consider contacting us at to volunteer or donate as a member or otherwise. Or you can call us at 520 342 0135

Draft of Wagon Wheel Concept

Our Logo: The Wagon Wheel
The compact center of a wheel in which spokes are attached to.
*Composed of a Board of Directors subject to our Code of Ethics and Bylaws as stated in our Articles of Incorporation as a not for profit cooperative
* national membership composed of voting and honorary members representing multiple regions with varied social aspects.
* all members have an interest in developing free enterprise cooperative structures capable of fulfilling objectives described within the Mission Statement. Voting members allocate approval and direction of funds acquired through verified donation options.

The Spokes
Spokes are multiple yet individual cooperative organizations attaching themselves to the Hub.
*Each spoke that attaches itself to the Hub does so willingly. The organizational makeup of each spoke may vary but will do so in a manner compatible with the objectives of the Mission Statement and Constitutional Creed.
*Each spoke will have voting representation within the Hub regardless of the size of membership.
* Each spoke is free to decide if it desires to operate as a for profit or as a not for profit enterprise.

The Rim of the Wheel
The outer iron band that binds the spokes to the center of the wheel provides two functions.
First, it serves as a constraining perimeter of principle defined by our Basic Principle and the value of the practice of the Golden Rule. By adhering to this precept “do unto others as we would have them to do unto you” personal relationships and intermingling of business activities will be conducted in a peaceful prosperous manner.
Secondly the analogy of the rim, as a perimeter, will serve as a communication network. Shared ideas, shared resources and shared volunteers will be a powerful unifying factor. Networking can easily flow from the Hub through the spokes onto the rim then back through members of another spoke.

Attaching the Spoke to the Hub
*A newly created spoke will submit a simple business plan to the Hub. All submissions will be subject to approval by the Hub based upon compatibility with the overall standards. A spoke will be considered as attached to the Hub after approval of voting members and ratification by the board of directors of CCC.
* Each spoke that adheres as not for profit cooperative free enterprise concept shall have access to the organization’s website, accounting services and donation and fund-raising capabilities. Voting memberships will be encouraged by spoke representatives. A not for profit spoke will be eligible to apply for financial assistance from the Hub if resources are available.
*Spokes that choose to operate as a free enterprise cooperative yet desire to pursue an operation for profit may access membership affiliations with the Hub. Affiliated spokes will have voting limitations yet retain a voice in matters pertaining to policy and objectives. Honorary membership options for all affiliated spoke members will be available. Financial matters between the Hub and an affiliated spoke will remain separate for taxation purposes. Accounting services for affiliated spokes cannot be provided by the Hub.

The above is a draft dated November 29, 2019. This draft has not been approved as policy by any board of directors.

A Gathering of Individuals

The history of civilization will show the natural instinct and need of humans to gather together to suit their needs. Civilization is not stagnant, things change, mankind develops and utilizes its experience toalter how we manage our affairs. From tribes roaming and migrating across the countryside following their food sources; to the farming communities; to the urbanites who provide industrial products, mankind has developed and changed the face of the land. The constant through the whole process remains to be the individual. Collectivism would have us believe that needs are created by the group, the collective. Nothing could be further from the truth. Needs are determined by the individual. Solutions to problems that arise are solved by the individual human ingenuity.
When individuals gather together to combine their assets, their ideas and then stipulate their human needs we call this community. Like minded individuals that share space and environmental aspects of their life create a society. This society they develop will be a reflection of their beliefs, their hopes, aspirations and a common standard of behavior. Civilization in general will be composed of multiple societies broken down to communities with the individual present at the core of it all.

Code of Ethics

March 13, 2019

Cooperative Code of Ethics

Be it understood and publicly declared that this code of ethics is agreed upon and understood by all board members, directors and officers;  to be our standard of behavior when representing the interests of Concerned Citizens Cooperative.

We shall take our Mission statement to be standard by which we seek decisions and cast our vote in the business interests related to our cooperative. We uphold the basic four principles expressed within the parameters of Our Basic Cooperative Principle. We realize the intent of our Constitutional Creed as it applies to our governing body of which we are a part. Upon a conflict or unforeseen development of which our creed failed to specifically address, we shall strive to mirror the original intent of liberty for all as expressed so aptly in the Declaration of Independence.

Our behavior as a governing body shall be subject to scrutiny. As members of the board or as officers representing the interests of our members and volunteers, we recognize the need for accountability of expenditures and also our interactions with all cooperative members including donors and the general public.

We understand and concede to the value of one member one vote within our representative republic structure. This value shall not be overrode by financial contributions by an individual donor or group seeking influential preference. As in our treatment of volunteers will not be measured by favor of one over the other. We believe in equal opportunity for all yet realize that equality does not imply equal outcome. Our values based upon the dictum of the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” will help all of us to guide this cooperative concept down a path of excellence and prudent decisions.








Avra Valley Cooperative Effort

Avra Valley is not a town but rather an region designated as a specific area due to its’ location and geographical nature. Amidst dry mountain ranges covered in saguaro cacti lays a flat basin of sandy soil which support a wide variety of desert wildlife. Removed from the hustle and bustle of the city life of Tucson and the growing outskirts of the town of Marana are nestled pockets of communities. While some of the residents are decedents of past generations many have moved here for the peace and quiet that rural life offers. Much of the region does not lie within city limits while other sections do lie within the Town of Marana city limits.
For the most part, the residents of this region are resourceful and independent. Most all jobs for these residents will require a drive into the more developed urban centers. Many services that the home owner may need, be it an electrician, plumber, construction contractor or home care providers will require someone to drive out to this relatively remote area. I am sure in some instances a person drives into work to Tucson only to be sent back out to the Avra Valley area to provide a service.

The effort of a proposed cooperative would be to build a network of service providers that would be willing and capable of providing many of the communities needs without the need of a phone call into Tucson.

The ways in which these cooperatives can be developed; the way they could be managed are as varied and multiple as the services they could provide. Add to that the voluntary willingness of community members to participate in ways to keep costs at a minimum and we may have a unique formula for success. Such an effort as all this is not something that can be forced. It need be something that is desired.
Recognizing the advantages of maintaining control over our own life and how we wish to live is as important as how we wish our elderly to live and the environment we wish our children to be raised.

Community Currency Concept

At Concerned Citizens Cooperative the desired result of any of our actions is to seek ways in which to improve the overall quality of life of all involved.
There is an endless list of things that can be done. There are elderly that may need occasional favors or assistance. Most of these folks would prefer to stay in their home but do need help doing certain chores. There may be those who are struggling to make ends meet. Perhaps a single parent has difficulty holding onto a job while trying to raise their young ones. The list of needs is great, it matters not the community.
What often gets over looked are the available assets in a community. While some have storage sheds full of stuff they could happily part with, others have time on their hands or a certain skill. There are those with a kind heart and a willingness to help: when and how they can: if they only knew when and just whom needs their help.
The concept being presented here is that what needs be done in a community can most likely be done by those in the same community. Communication is necessary. A form of communication is also part of the equation that needs to be addressed. You may have a neighbor right down the road from you struggling to move a heavy object but how0 are you to know? How are they to ask for help? Many people have a strong sense of pride, they hate to ask for help yet have not the financial resources to call for every little thing they might want done.

The idea is to try to build a cooperative network amongst ourselves: built on trust. We can and should be able to do this without involving the dollar. Many people will help when you mention money. While the dollar does have it’s value and all of us will continue to trade the dollar for necessities and also frivolous items: can we really put a concrete price on the act of kindness? Do we really need to put a dollar value on an item donated to us?

Why not try something new? Some of the greatest inventions began with a strange or even crazy idea.

Concerned Citizens Cooperative is going to make an effort to replace the dollar for coop services{ or sales} with a simple “ticket” Different from the dollar, these numbered tickets will have an expiration date. An expiration date will encourage people to use them not hoard them, as banks do with their dollars. Different from the dollar these “tickets” value will be determined by those trading them. It will be up you to do as you please. Should you have an item you want to get rid of, that should help determine the value asked. Should you desperately have a need for an item, that will determine how many tickets you are willing to offer. Also different from the dollar is the fact that with these tickets you can not go into debt.
Time will tell how this will all work out. It will all be voluntary based upon a persons need and a persons willingness to help. It will in effect depend on you.

To get this process started CCC will be giving away tickets to anyone that lives in the zip code of 85653 and is willing to give this a try.{#85653&free} We do require your email address so as to begin the process of communication and keeping us all in touch.. You will be added to our contact list and be giving an honorary membership. It will take trial and error. New ideas will come up and encouraged, as problems are solved, new problems will arise yet why not give it a try? We really have nothing to lose yet possibly much to gain.

We are confident that the voluntary goodwill that people are prone to exhibit will far outweigh those who would for some reason wish to drag us down. If it works in 85653 why not other places?

If interested send us an email at A packet of 12 tickets will be reserved for you. Please include a name, your street and zip code. Looking forward to hearing from you and beginning this process of helping others while also helping our community as a whole. We will be arranging get togethers to discuss details of all this and more in the near future.

Make America Clean Again along the “Right a way”

There is nothing nice about trash. Most of the trash that is found along the roadways are containers that once had drink or food. Wrappers, napkins, cans, cups, bottles straws all those lovely packaging items are found in excess. It is stuff people don’t want to have near them so out the window it goes. Blown in the wind, tangled in tree limbs, down the embankments and spread along our lovely roadsides. Beautiful consumer packaging in full view for anyone that bothers to look out their car window.
Then there are those unwanted household items; chairs, sofas, broken appliances and even toilets; that quickly get discarded, most likely in the cover of darkness.
Along with all the imaginable items above; are the vehicle parts; such as fenders, grills, brake shoes, exhaust pipes and numerous tires. How many people would bother to haul off their damaged tire if they had a roadside flat? How many trucks are still using retreaded tires which shed their skin so frequently?

The cost incurred by our government agencies; who for some reason have been delegated to clean up behind us; is horrendous. One figure that is thrown around; as much as is the trash; is 11 billion dollars spent nationally each year. That figure, if true, is absolutely unacceptable. We as a nation should be ashamed of ourselves. I use the pronoun “we” because if not “we” than just who? Even if it is not you in particular that throws stuff out, do you pick up after others that do? Do you point out to your fellow man the ridiculousness of actions of this sort? The responsibility as a nation is OURS.

Politics have no place here. This is not a problem that we need to run to government to have solved. High taxes? More regulation and enforcement? What if “we” all learned to pickup behind ourselves and express our discontent to those that don’t. If you don’t happen to be one of those that litter intentionally, just be sure you never add to the problem with such acts as driving a pickup with an open bed that has loose objects in it. Talk to your family, friends or neighbors about this. Are you one of those that feel that plastic in the ocean is an imaginary problem dreamed up by environmental radicals?
Much, if not all, of our litter problem is attitude. Do not litter campaigns have been going on for years with very little results. Perhaps that is really because people just do not care. Yes, there may be bigger problem to focus our concerns on, yet if attitude: the lack of caring: is at the root of the problem, then it stands to reason that the first step towards solutions for the bigger problems is to address attitude. #LearntoCare

Pima County AZ -Avra Valley Coop

We in Avra Valley are looking for support in our attempts to clean up the roadways in our community. To begin, we have teamed up with Concerned Citizens Cooperative by taking a permit to clean up a two mile stretch of road. A permit was granted to clean up El Tiro roadway back on March 6th of 2019. We picked up 500lbs of refuse from the roadside which we delivered to the county landfill in a trash trailer, at our own costs. Two signs with Concerned Citizens Cooperative written on them have been erected on both ends of El Tiro roadway.
Our permit for Clayton Road has been processed and we have done three cleanups.
As of January 2020 we have hauled 4420 pounds of trash to the landfill. Waste Management in Pima County has been very cooperative by waiving our dump fees as they are supportive of our efforts. Two more permits for 4 miles along Trico Road have just been issued. We will be working on that soon.

We are looking to take on many more miles of roadway. We are planning on involving many more volunteers as there is a definite local interest in making our rural county roads free of excessive debris. If you live in this area contact us via email for any updates and future projects at
Can you help us? Our expenses are not high but to receive any financial support will be a real morale booster for the volunteers. Besides just picking litter up behind those who continue to litter, we plan on beginning anti-litter campaigns. Community trash cans for pedestrians is another idea being discussed. All is possible with enough support.
Any donation, no matter it’s size will be greatly appreciated. Just be sure to add our zip code of 85653 on the donation form. By doing so you will be helping us in Avra Valley and also supporting CCC in their effort to bind new spokes to their Hub. Check out our donate page.

Voting Membership Implications

At CCC we hold our members in high esteem. Involved and dedicated members are the driving and steering force of the organization. Members are stakeholders of this nonprofit cooperative and as such have everything to do with the range of success we will achieve. Thank you for considering a membership in our organization.

With a membership with CCC there are both rights and responsibilities. A clear understanding of both will go a long way towards a rewarding relationship between all involved. To obtain this understanding it will be helpful if a prospective member is aligned with our Mission statement; agrees with all four portions of our basic principle and understands the intent of our constitutional creed. This will further member understanding as towards the nature of representation that we strive for. Having involved members that are in sync with our founding documents will go a long way in assuring we have a successful cooperative entity.

All voting members will be allowed to vote on proposals as they are presented to the board of directors. The final judgement on financial matters will be up to the board yet the board will be greatly influenced by the members. It is desired that all regions will have a member on the board to represent their interests. A board member that makes a determination contrary to their regional members will be required to explain his decision. If members of a particular region feel their interests are not being properly represented, they will be offered the opportunity each year to nominate a new board member to represent them.

According to our bylaws a quorum of votes is necessary for an issue involving major expenditures to be passed or rejected. For this reason, voter involvement is important. All issues that do not receive a quorum of voter participation will be nullified as though the vote did not matter. In that case a yea or nay will be left solely for the board member representing that region to decide. This same policy will apply to the selection and retention of all board members.

In order to achieve equal regional representation our membership may have limitations depending on certain regions. If necessary, the board of directors may at their discretion alter geographical boundaries from time to time. The intent of the constitutional creed will take precedent over all these determinations.

All voting rights of members come with the responsibility to stay active.

As a functioning cooperative body our members must keep in mind the benefit of working as one unit sharing the same affiliation towards reaching desired results. Members are not asked to compromise any of their values in a conflict yet are expected to strive for cooperation. All members might not share the exact same goals, but we do share the same desire to move our Mission statement forward. Our constitutional creed will aid us towards this result.

Our bylaws clearly state that any member may be removed and lose their right of participation. Inactive voting history over a three-year period, that contributes to an eventual lack of a quorum, unfortunately will be grounds for removal of a member. Excessive confrontation and a disregard for our basic principle will also subject a member from disqualification from voting rights.

All members are representatives of the whole and should keep in mind that the success of the organization is dependent on respectable behavior[Title]