Avra Valley Cooperative Effort

Avra Valley is not a town but rather an region designated as a specific area due to its’ location and geographical nature. Amidst dry mountain ranges covered in saguaro cacti lays a flat basin of sandy soil which support a wide variety of desert wildlife. Removed from the hustle and bustle of the city life of Tucson and the growing outskirts of the town of Marana are nestled pockets of communities. While some of the residents are decedents of past generations many have moved here for the peace and quiet that rural life offers. Much of the region does not lie within city limits while other sections do lie within the Town of Marana city limits.
For the most part, the residents of this region are resourceful and independent. Most all jobs for these residents will require a drive into the more developed urban centers. Many services that the home owner may need, be it an electrician, plumber, construction contractor or home care providers will require someone to drive out to this relatively remote area. I am sure in some instances a person drives into work to Tucson only to be sent back out to the Avra Valley area to provide a service.

The effort of a proposed cooperative would be to build a network of service providers that would be willing and capable of providing many of the communities needs without the need of a phone call into Tucson.

The ways in which these cooperatives can be developed; the way they could be managed are as varied and multiple as the services they could provide. Add to that the voluntary willingness of community members to participate in ways to keep costs at a minimum and we may have a unique formula for success. Such an effort as all this is not something that can be forced. It need be something that is desired.
Recognizing the advantages of maintaining control over our own life and how we wish to live is as important as how we wish our elderly to live and the environment we wish our children to be raised.

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