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Our time and our resources are valuable to each of us. Many of have families to support, loved ones to care for and relatives and friends that need our attention and support. For these reasons, along with many others, it is understandable how a person would hesitate to volunteer in an under taking such as ours. Perhaps you are one of those who would like to show their support but just can not commit time and resources of a substantial nature. We would ask you to consider an honorary membership with Concerned Citizens Cooperative.

An honorary membership is an inexpensive way to show that you support the goals of this organization. As an honorary member you will not be expected to volunteer time to any of the programs that may come to fruition. We will not be soliciting funds from you as many political organizations do. What you will get from us is an occasional email just to keep you informed of any activities or progress being made.
What you will be contributing is a small amount {one dollar a month} for our projects and giving us a necessary morale booster. Being a nonprofit, seeking to make changes, can be a roller coaster ride. The rewards from achieving a goal, no matter how small, can pay dividends when appreciation is shown. The financial challenges to raise funds are always with a nonprofit. The constant pleas for support make one feel as a beggar. Having the backing of honorary members can change all that.

If you appreciate what is being attempted by this organization and it’s concept, you can show your support by purchasing an annual honorary membership. It will be greatly appreciated by all of us. Check out this membership link and click on Honorary membership. Our donation site is secure and powered by Give WP. Our email list will never be shared. We also offer an offline option of the membership form. Should you choose that option to mail in a check please include your email address and zipcode so that we can keep you informed of any activities near you via future emails. For that click on the offline donation tab.

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