A Gathering of Individuals

The history of civilization will show the natural instinct and need of humans to gather together to suit their needs. Civilization is not stagnant, things change, mankind develops and utilizes its experience toalter how we manage our affairs. From tribes roaming and migrating across the countryside following their food sources; to the farming communities; to

Code of Ethics

March 13, 2019 Cooperative Code of Ethics Be it understood and publicly declared that this code of ethics is agreed upon and understood by all board members, directors and officers;  to be our standard of behavior when representing the interests of Concerned Citizens Cooperative. We shall take our Mission statement to be standard by which

Avra Valley Cooperative Effort

Avra Valley is not a town but rather an region designated as a specific area due to its’ location and geographical nature. Amidst dry mountain ranges covered in saguaro cacti lays a flat basin of sandy soil which support a wide variety of desert wildlife. Removed from the hustle and bustle of the city life

Pima County AZ -Avra Valley Coop

We in Avra Valley are looking for support in our attempts to clean up the roadways in our community. To begin, we have teamed up with Concerned Citizens Cooperative by taking a permit to clean up a two mile stretch of road. A permit was granted to clean up El Tiro roadway back on March

Voting Membership Implications

At CCC we hold our members in high esteem. Involved and dedicated members are the driving and steering force of the organization. Members are stakeholders of this nonprofit cooperative and as such have everything to do with the range of success we will achieve. Thank you for considering a membership in our organization. With a