Code of Ethics

March 13, 2019 Cooperative Code of Ethics Be it understood and publicly declared that this code of ethics is agreed upon and understood by all board members, directors and officers;  to be our standard of behavior when representing the interests of Concerned Citizens Cooperative. We shall take our Mission statement to be standard by which

Regaining Liberty while Sacrificing Freedom

The fine line between freedom and liberty is written in sand; subject to the changing winds. As with most everything freedom is relative to one’s situation. Even a person subject to a state of slavery has freedoms to some extent. Many of us now can say we are “slaves” to our jobs, a self imposed

Why we mention conservative principles.

When you research cooperatives you will soon get the impression that you are in liberal territory. The few references regarding the search for conservative cooperatives will take you to the UK or Austrailia. If there is a conservative cooperative movement in the US please refer them to this site. The label conservative has been evolving

The Journey Begins.

The pioneers journey into the unknown wild west had a starting point on the eastern shores of the Mississippi River.  Had they not made the first wheel turn their wagons and oxen would still be bedded down on that eastern river bank. Their journey was filled with challenges. Their route not  blazed. They only had