Code of Ethics

March 13, 2019

Cooperative Code of Ethics

Be it understood and publicly declared that this code of ethics is agreed upon and understood by all board members, directors and officers;  to be our standard of behavior when representing the interests of Concerned Citizens Cooperative.

We shall take our Mission statement to be standard by which we seek decisions and cast our vote in the business interests related to our cooperative. We uphold the basic four principles expressed within the parameters of Our Basic Cooperative Principle. We realize the intent of our Constitutional Creed as it applies to our governing body of which we are a part. Upon a conflict or unforeseen development of which our creed failed to specifically address, we shall strive to mirror the original intent of liberty for all as expressed so aptly in the Declaration of Independence.

Our behavior as a governing body shall be subject to scrutiny. As members of the board or as officers representing the interests of our members and volunteers, we recognize the need for accountability of expenditures and also our interactions with all cooperative members including donors and the general public.

We understand and concede to the value of one member one vote within our representative republic structure. This value shall not be overrode by financial contributions by an individual donor or group seeking influential preference. As in our treatment of volunteers will not be measured by favor of one over the other. We believe in equal opportunity for all yet realize that equality does not imply equal outcome. Our values based upon the dictum of the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” will help all of us to guide this cooperative concept down a path of excellence and prudent decisions.








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