Community Currency Concept

At Concerned Citizens Cooperative the desired result of any of our actions is to seek ways in which to improve the overall quality of life of all involved.
There is an endless list of things that can be done. There are elderly that may need occasional favors or assistance. Most of these folks would prefer to stay in their home but do need help doing certain chores. There may be those who are struggling to make ends meet. Perhaps a single parent has difficulty holding onto a job while trying to raise their young ones. The list of needs is great, it matters not the community.
What often gets over looked are the available assets in a community. While some have storage sheds full of stuff they could happily part with, others have time on their hands or a certain skill. There are those with a kind heart and a willingness to help: when and how they can: if they only knew when and just whom needs their help.
The concept being presented here is that what needs be done in a community can most likely be done by those in the same community. Communication is necessary. A form of communication is also part of the equation that needs to be addressed. You may have a neighbor right down the road from you struggling to move a heavy object but how0 are you to know? How are they to ask for help? Many people have a strong sense of pride, they hate to ask for help yet have not the financial resources to call for every little thing they might want done.

The idea is to try to build a cooperative network amongst ourselves: built on trust. We can and should be able to do this without involving the dollar. Many people will help when you mention money. While the dollar does have it’s value and all of us will continue to trade the dollar for necessities and also frivolous items: can we really put a concrete price on the act of kindness? Do we really need to put a dollar value on an item donated to us?

Why not try something new? Some of the greatest inventions began with a strange or even crazy idea.

Concerned Citizens Cooperative is going to make an effort to replace the dollar for coop services{ or sales} with a simple “ticket” Different from the dollar, these numbered tickets will have an expiration date. An expiration date will encourage people to use them not hoard them, as banks do with their dollars. Different from the dollar these “tickets” value will be determined by those trading them. It will be up you to do as you please. Should you have an item you want to get rid of, that should help determine the value asked. Should you desperately have a need for an item, that will determine how many tickets you are willing to offer. Also different from the dollar is the fact that with these tickets you can not go into debt.
Time will tell how this will all work out. It will all be voluntary based upon a persons need and a persons willingness to help. It will in effect depend on you.

To get this process started CCC will be giving away tickets to anyone that lives in the zip code of 85653 and is willing to give this a try.{#85653&free} We do require your email address so as to begin the process of communication and keeping us all in touch.. You will be added to our contact list and be giving an honorary membership. It will take trial and error. New ideas will come up and encouraged, as problems are solved, new problems will arise yet why not give it a try? We really have nothing to lose yet possibly much to gain.

We are confident that the voluntary goodwill that people are prone to exhibit will far outweigh those who would for some reason wish to drag us down. If it works in 85653 why not other places?

If interested send us an email at A packet of 12 tickets will be reserved for you. Please include a name, your street and zip code. Looking forward to hearing from you and beginning this process of helping others while also helping our community as a whole. We will be arranging get togethers to discuss details of all this and more in the near future.

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    January 14, 2020 at 3:09 pm

    Ok GR. Straight up explanation.Two and a half months. Trial run. No quesyions?no takers. no.takers? What is ypur evaluation.?

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      January 15, 2020 at 6:45 pm

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