Draft of Wagon Wheel Concept

Our Logo: The Wagon Wheel
The compact center of a wheel in which spokes are attached to.
*Composed of a Board of Directors subject to our Code of Ethics and Bylaws as stated in our Articles of Incorporation as a not for profit cooperative
* national membership composed of voting and honorary members representing multiple regions with varied social aspects.
* all members have an interest in developing free enterprise cooperative structures capable of fulfilling objectives described within the Mission Statement. Voting members allocate approval and direction of funds acquired through verified donation options.

The Spokes
Spokes are multiple yet individual cooperative organizations attaching themselves to the Hub.
*Each spoke that attaches itself to the Hub does so willingly. The organizational makeup of each spoke may vary but will do so in a manner compatible with the objectives of the Mission Statement and Constitutional Creed.
*Each spoke will have voting representation within the Hub regardless of the size of membership.
* Each spoke is free to decide if it desires to operate as a for profit or as a not for profit enterprise.

The Rim of the Wheel
The outer iron band that binds the spokes to the center of the wheel provides two functions.
First, it serves as a constraining perimeter of principle defined by our Basic Principle and the value of the practice of the Golden Rule. By adhering to this precept “do unto others as we would have them to do unto you” personal relationships and intermingling of business activities will be conducted in a peaceful prosperous manner.
Secondly the analogy of the rim, as a perimeter, will serve as a communication network. Shared ideas, shared resources and shared volunteers will be a powerful unifying factor. Networking can easily flow from the Hub through the spokes onto the rim then back through members of another spoke.

Attaching the Spoke to the Hub
*A newly created spoke will submit a simple business plan to the Hub. All submissions will be subject to approval by the Hub based upon compatibility with the overall standards. A spoke will be considered as attached to the Hub after approval of voting members and ratification by the board of directors of CCC.
* Each spoke that adheres as not for profit cooperative free enterprise concept shall have access to the organization’s website, accounting services and donation and fund-raising capabilities. Voting memberships will be encouraged by spoke representatives. A not for profit spoke will be eligible to apply for financial assistance from the Hub if resources are available.
*Spokes that choose to operate as a free enterprise cooperative yet desire to pursue an operation for profit may access membership affiliations with the Hub. Affiliated spokes will have voting limitations yet retain a voice in matters pertaining to policy and objectives. Honorary membership options for all affiliated spoke members will be available. Financial matters between the Hub and an affiliated spoke will remain separate for taxation purposes. Accounting services for affiliated spokes cannot be provided by the Hub.

The above is a draft dated November 29, 2019. This draft has not been approved as policy by any board of directors.

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  • Sam goreman

    January 17, 2020 at 2:08 pm

    A rather tardy comment. The Hub of directors and members (spokes) is the grantor of resources, approver of various levels of member affiliations to other individuals and groups, non profit groups being the most favored.? A spoke gets a seat in the Hub?
    Assuming this correct analysis of the logo explanation, real input as desired from members will be inversely related to its succes in growth and a mechanism and cost analysis for proxy voting may be needed. Accountants were originally helpful in “following the money” to plan realistically. More and more accountant times is spent analyzing government regulations to figure minimum legal taxes. If you want help in these two areas, my son-in-law can offer (for a reasonable fee) both of these. A portion of the savings his company saves yoi is how the fee is determined. Our government wiill not come for you unless they smell money. Hope this tid-bit helps..

    • grcable

      January 17, 2020 at 2:46 pm

      A spoke gets a seat in the Hub. Our Constitutional Creed guarantees this representation: while at the same time will attempt to insure equal representation with all other regions. Eventually regions will be established with a seat on the board of directors reserved for each district.
      Professional accounting will also be eventually necessary. Since we are not near to that need yet, we hope to manage affairs via volunteer efforts of directors.