Litter/Labor/Aid donations

Concerned Citizens Cooperative has begun a roadside litter cleanup program in Pima County Arizona.  With the help of local volunteers over the course of a year we have delivered over 4400 lbs. of trash to the landfill where it belongs. We have also addressed the need to react to the problem of “wildcat dumping” where the illegal practice of dumping household waste in the isolated portions of the desert unfortunately happens.

In an effort to help people in need we have begun a program in which we will give paychecks to eligible persons  that are temporarily down on their luck.  Some of these people you will encounter standing on the street corners asking for your help. If you have met one of these people and they have given you their flyer and you are of the mind to help them out then you can follow the link on our donate tab. We will apply the funds that you give to the person that is mentioned on the flyer. That person has agreed to help us clean up litter along roadways that we have adopted. He/she will be paid a decent wage for their efforts. We see this as a win/win situation. Pima county roadways get cleaned up, the needy person makes some much needed cash and the donor has the satisfaction of being a big help to the community.

Concerned Citizens Cooperative is a registered legal non profit with 501 {c} {4} status with the IRS. We have been awarded an annual 25 ton free dumping in kind donation from Waste Management of Arizona. That is a lot of roadside trash! We are going to need more volunteers or more laborers. Help us achieve that goal!

We are not your traditional charity. We do not function with the mind set that we can only help others by giving things for free. It is not always about a hand out but rather a hand up. Any donation that is given us will be directed to the area of interest of the donor. Accountability of funds is guaranteed in our yearly reports. Donations are NOT tax deductible. We believe giving should be done so out of the heart not due to cash advantages.

If you want to be able to help the person in need that you encountered on the street follow this link.  Be certain to put his/her name on the notation section of the donation form. Those funds will go to that person as wages owed.
If you would like to help us out generally and support our concept, go to our membership link and join us in our efforts

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