Voting Membership Implications

At CCC we hold our members in high esteem. Involved and dedicated members are the driving and steering force of the organization. Members are stakeholders of this nonprofit cooperative and as such have everything to do with the range of success we will achieve. Thank you for considering a membership in our organization.

With a membership with CCC there are both rights and responsibilities. A clear understanding of both will go a long way towards a rewarding relationship between all involved. To obtain this understanding it will be helpful if a prospective member is aligned with our Mission statement; agrees with all four portions of our basic principle and understands the intent of our constitutional creed. This will further member understanding as towards the nature of representation that we strive for. Having involved members that are in sync with our founding documents will go a long way in assuring we have a successful cooperative entity.

All voting members will be allowed to vote on proposals as they are presented to the board of directors. The final judgement on financial matters will be up to the board yet the board will be greatly influenced by the members. It is desired that all regions will have a member on the board to represent their interests. A board member that makes a determination contrary to their regional members will be required to explain his decision. If members of a particular region feel their interests are not being properly represented, they will be offered the opportunity each year to nominate a new board member to represent them.

According to our bylaws a quorum of votes is necessary for an issue involving major expenditures to be passed or rejected. For this reason, voter involvement is important. All issues that do not receive a quorum of voter participation will be nullified as though the vote did not matter. In that case a yea or nay will be left solely for the board member representing that region to decide. This same policy will apply to the selection and retention of all board members.

In order to achieve equal regional representation our membership may have limitations depending on certain regions. If necessary, the board of directors may at their discretion alter geographical boundaries from time to time. The intent of the constitutional creed will take precedent over all these determinations.

All voting rights of members come with the responsibility to stay active.

As a functioning cooperative body our members must keep in mind the benefit of working as one unit sharing the same affiliation towards reaching desired results. Members are not asked to compromise any of their values in a conflict yet are expected to strive for cooperation. All members might not share the exact same goals, but we do share the same desire to move our Mission statement forward. Our constitutional creed will aid us towards this result.

Our bylaws clearly state that any member may be removed and lose their right of participation. Inactive voting history over a three-year period, that contributes to an eventual lack of a quorum, unfortunately will be grounds for removal of a member. Excessive confrontation and a disregard for our basic principle will also subject a member from disqualification from voting rights.

All members are representatives of the whole and should keep in mind that the success of the organization is dependent on respectable behavior[Title]

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