Our Cooperative Creed

Preamble- To achieve diversity of interests represented by our principle and common goals; achieving results through cooperation within a well-structured organization; based on voluntary action; functioning in a democratic fashion allowing a republic form of representation; allowing all members equal representation; all of which will be addressed in this creed.

-In this organization we realize that by including interests of all, true wholeness can be achieved. We adhere to our common goal of striving to maintain individual pursuit of happiness and quality of life. We as individuals assume responsibility of our actions while understanding that each of us are representatives of the whole.

-A well defined structure will aid in the process to function effectively. Representation of objectives will be dispersed equally between all members through a unifying national hub composed of directors elected locally through their regional body. Our bylaws will be open to public scrutiny and amendments added when and if membership brings a concern forward. All accounting of expenditures will be available in a scheduled and timely manner.

-Voluntary action of all members will remain our number one asset. A solid core of volunteers able to react in any instance, be it emergency or a social need, whether occasionally or continuously, they will be treated with the utmost respect and appreciation.

-In order to achieve lasting results our organization strives to remove the yoke of an over-reaching state of government control in all aspects of our society. We understand that dependency results in an eventual loss of liberty. We will support every cause that demonstrates a capability to replace a governmental program with a local community based initiative based on cooperation.

-We recognize that no one cause ,no single issue, no particular region super-cedes the common cause to improve the quality of life of all members as a whole regardless of station in life, race, religion or sexual preference. We agree to achieve these common goals by implementing the concept of cooperation and competition instead of the exercise of compromise.

-All programs, all economic activity, all educational material and consultations will be done absent of material gain above costs. As a non-profit with national interests all cooperative entities we help establish will strive to follow our non-profit objectives. Having stated such, we agree that a constant state of charitable giving to maintain financial objectives is unrealistic and not necessarily compatible with our goals of freedom from dependency.

[This creed is subject to revision and members ratification]
February 20, 2019