Pima County AZ -Avra Valley Coop

We in Avra Valley are looking for support in our attempts to clean up the roadways in our community. To begin, we have teamed up with Concerned Citizens Cooperative by taking a permit to clean up a two mile stretch of road. A permit was granted to clean up El Tiro roadway back on March 6th of 2019. We picked up 500lbs of refuse from the roadside which we delivered to the county landfill in a trash trailer, at our own costs. Two signs with Concerned Citizens Cooperative written on them have been erected on both ends of El Tiro roadway.
Our permit for Clayton Road has been processed and we have done three cleanups.
As of January 2020 we have hauled 4420 pounds of trash to the landfill. Waste Management in Pima County has been very cooperative by waiving our dump fees as they are supportive of our efforts. Two more permits for 4 miles along Trico Road have just been issued. We will be working on that soon.

We are looking to take on many more miles of roadway. We are planning on involving many more volunteers as there is a definite local interest in making our rural county roads free of excessive debris. If you live in this area contact us via email for any updates and future projects at admin@concernedcitizenscooperative.com
Can you help us? Our expenses are not high but to receive any financial support will be a real morale booster for the volunteers. Besides just picking litter up behind those who continue to litter, we plan on beginning anti-litter campaigns. Community trash cans for pedestrians is another idea being discussed. All is possible with enough support.
Any donation, no matter it’s size will be greatly appreciated. Just be sure to add our zip code of 85653 on the donation form. By doing so you will be helping us in Avra Valley and also supporting CCC in their effort to bind new spokes to their Hub. Check out our donate page.

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