Regaining Liberty while Sacrificing Freedom

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The fine line between freedom and liberty is written in sand; subject to the changing winds. As with most everything freedom is relative to one’s situation. Even a person subject to a state of slavery has freedoms to some extent. Many of us now can say we are “slaves” to our jobs, a self imposed slavery tied to our desire for personal gain. The phrase “freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose” {that Janis Joplin sang in “Me and Bobby McGee”, written by Kris Kristofferson} is as he once said; “a two edged sword and that you may be free, but it can be painful to be that free.”
Understanding the difference between Liberty and Freedom will determine the sharpness of this two edged sword. Liberty is an ideological state in which freedom of action is protected. Our founders in their wisdom realized that a government functioning without checks and balances would incorporate actions that would impose on basic liberties and result in the diminishing of freedom.
A quick study of recent American history would show how our incremental movement away from the original intent written in the constitution has resulted in excessive taxation and regulation imposed by our ever over-reaching governments at all levels.
It would not be far fetched to say that we, the citizens of the free-est country, have become enslaved by our own desire to be governed. Our slave masters are now handing out carrots to those who would support them electorally, while the red meat eaters are slaves subject to restrictions and high taxation unable to exercise freedom unless they are willing to have nothing else to lose.

Liberty lies within the dictates of our constitution; that of a governing body, subject to the people: limited in powers by proper checks and balances. The republic form of government envisioned by the founders is gradually being replaced by the democratic form in which the majority rule at the expense of the minority. Those who understand this change that is transpiring are now the minority, few and far between across this broad vast land.

It is well past time that this “minority” must accept the fact that it is going to take a personal sacrifice of time, energy and resources to restore liberty. Change must come step by painful step. It will be by the small steps of kindness, compassion and out-reach to those that need to understand that the freedom they seek is the same as a slave with nothing left to lose. True freedom is expressed by living a life of liberty in which the individual is the recipient of the rewards of his/her labor. The mechanism is there, the process simple, all that is lacking is the implementation. Replacing just one small basic need at a time can cause an eventual landslide.

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