Make America Clean Again along the “Right a way”

There is nothing nice about trash. Most of the trash that is found along the roadways are containers that once had drink or food. Wrappers, napkins, cans, cups, bottles straws all those lovely packaging items are found in excess. It is stuff people don’t want to have near them so out the window it goes. Blown in the wind, tangled in tree limbs, down the embankments and spread along our lovely roadsides. Beautiful consumer packaging in full view for anyone that bothers to look out their car window.
Then there are those unwanted household items; chairs, sofas, broken appliances and even toilets; that quickly get discarded, most likely in the cover of darkness.
Along with all the imaginable items above; are the vehicle parts; such as fenders, grills, brake shoes, exhaust pipes and numerous tires. How many people would bother to haul off their damaged tire if they had a roadside flat? How many trucks are still using retreaded tires which shed their skin so frequently?

The cost incurred by our government agencies; who for some reason have been delegated to clean up behind us; is horrendous. One figure that is thrown around; as much as is the trash; is 11 billion dollars spent nationally each year. That figure, if true, is absolutely unacceptable. We as a nation should be ashamed of ourselves. I use the pronoun “we” because if not “we” than just who? Even if it is not you in particular that throws stuff out, do you pick up after others that do? Do you point out to your fellow man the ridiculousness of actions of this sort? The responsibility as a nation is OURS.

Politics have no place here. This is not a problem that we need to run to government to have solved. High taxes? More regulation and enforcement? What if “we” all learned to pickup behind ourselves and express our discontent to those that don’t. If you don’t happen to be one of those that litter intentionally, just be sure you never add to the problem with such acts as driving a pickup with an open bed that has loose objects in it. Talk to your family, friends or neighbors about this. Are you one of those that feel that plastic in the ocean is an imaginary problem dreamed up by environmental radicals?
Much, if not all, of our litter problem is attitude. Do not litter campaigns have been going on for years with very little results. Perhaps that is really because people just do not care. Yes, there may be bigger problem to focus our concerns on, yet if attitude: the lack of caring: is at the root of the problem, then it stands to reason that the first step towards solutions for the bigger problems is to address attitude. #LearntoCare

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