Unity through Separation

All of us, no matter our lot in life, have our points of interest that motivate us to react either positively or negatively depending on the circumstances. Multiple motivators of interest will at times intertwine positively or may react negatively causing a sense of conflict in our determinations. An understanding on how these multiple motivators interact in our thought processes will help us to distinguish from preconceived bias and deep rooted natural truths ingrained in our conscience.

Whether political, religious or academic our thought processes strive for a foundation on which we can confidently state our position on the point of interest that we cling to as important in our lives. Simplistic viewpoints that stem solely from conscience are attacked by academia and media generated bias. Whereas blatant statements from academia that disregard all spiritual concepts and beliefs can not motivate the spirit needed to answer the basic question of the right of life and freedoms that we all wish it to entail. Present in the middle of these two is an ever aggressive media that wishes to influence our determinations as to how to deal with the issues the motivate our interests in life.

As we search for solutions for a specific problem in our society; or as we look for a solid foundation upon which we can base our determinations towards a particular issue; remaining positive is critical. A loss of hope weakens our resolve. A positive attitude will help us to balance our sense of right versus wrong and keep our focus on worthwhile solutions. To not do so will result in determinations that conflict between our bias and conscience.

A well intertwined thought process that recognizes the need for separation of political, religious and academic motivators will be as a braided rope or a staunch cable, if one strand weakens the others bear the weight. The thickness and relative strength of the braid may be determined by the material of which it is made and the number of strands of which it is composed. All strands remain separate yet equal to each other. It will be by uniting all these intertwined stands; while maintaining their separation; will we as a group of concerned citizens be able to come together; all pulling our weight towards solutions that address the many problems we face.

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