Wild Cat Dumping

Illegal dumping, also known as “wildcat dumping” is disposal of waste at any location that is not an approved site. At times it is a mere two or three bags of household trash but in other instances it can be trailer loads of every imaginable discarded item; old furniture, appliances, scrap metal, tires, household trash, clothing and plastic galore. Since the activity is illegal these actions are most often done at remote locations off the beaten track. What motivates a person ton load up a truck or trailer and go out into the desert landscape to discard their refuse?

Concerned Citizens Cooperative has begun roadside programs to deal with roadside litter in the northwest portion of Avra Valley. Several volunteers have stepped up to help with the roadsides we currently have adopted through the Pima county Adopt-a Roadway program. We do occasionally come across items that are more than just litter. Bags of trash, mattresses, old chairs and tires have been found and cleaned up when we do a cleanup. Why do people just throw their trash along the roadside?

The only logical answer to the above two questions must be money. Since the landfill is not far away, closer in some instances than a trip off road into the desert, it must be just the dump fee that people are trying to avoid. To address this likelihood, Concerned Citizens Cooperative will be setting up an account with Waste Management. The idea is to enlist a couple community contacts, that people with trash but sincerely strapped for cash, could contact to get a prepaid dump waiver number. If they then present the waiver number to the landfill then CCC will accept the bill for the dump fee.

Seeing as how this will be a new program in our community we can develop ways to make it work as we get going. We just might be able to expand and offer services to folks who have refuse piling up in their yard as they have no way to haul to the dump.

Concerned Citizens Cooperative is a registered non profit 501 c 4. We accept donations and offer memberships to help finance programs such as being proposed. We have enough cash on hand to begin to implement this program. If we find there is a legitimate need to fill and we see a decline in wild cat dumping as well, then we will have justified any expenses needed. We are always looking for more volunteers and more roadways to adopt. Consider contacting us at http://www.concernedcitizenscooperative.com to volunteer or donate as a member or otherwise. Or you can call us at 520 342 0135

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